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How to Save Money & Get EXTRA PERKS by Joining a Group Cruise

Booking a group cruise is one of the easiest ways to save money while on vacation.
Think of it like buying in bulk at the supermarket – the more cabins you reserve, the better price you get.

But did you know you can also get a super-low group rate without having to book an entire group? Here’s how it works: Because of our relationships with the world’s top cruise lines, we get access to special savings on cabins when booking them in advance as a group. Savings we pass on to our clients. So when someone wants a group of cabins for a wedding, conference or other event, they get great rates plus access to crowd-pleasing perks like complimentary beverage packages or free onboard credits – and that’s where you can really save.

Sometimes we can offer these reduced-rate cabins exclusively to all our clients, so they can get the same low price as if they were traveling in a group. But the perks of group cruising go beyond saving money.

Join A Group Cruise & You Can Get:

  • Free onboard credits & other bonuses
    Like complimentary bottles of wine, snacks, beverages and more.
  • Access to exclusive amenities
    From VIP bars to invite-only parties, some group cruises come with enticing perks that will make your trip even more incredible.
  • Savings of up to 40%
    Exactly how much you can save depends on the group cruise itself. But you’ll certainly get a better deal than if you booked directly with the cruise line.

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