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Explore the lands of castles and kings, by land or by sea. No matter if you want to visit Northern Europe, or head south to the Mediterranean, Dream Vacations can arrange every detail. Take a guided tour of the Iberian Peninsula of Spain. Eat tapas, dance the flamenco, admire museum masterpieces. Stroll the delightful Christmas villages of Austria and Germany and experience a joy so pure, your soul will smile.

If you're a food aficionado, get a taste of Italy on your tour of Rome, Florence and Venice. Ever thought about Iceland? Spend your days relaxing on black sand beaches and your nights in search of the Northern Lights. So many countries, so much to see! European cruises are an exciting way to visit many destinations with ease. Wake up in a new city each day and only have to pack and unpack once. See Europe, your way, with Dream Vacations.

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